DIMONRA are a dark alternative metal band from Milan, formed in 2016. The band’s style and music are strongly linked to the keyword “dark”, but are never limited in their full expression. The dimension created is a creepy, mysterious yet distorted landscape in which sensitive & creative romantic creatures can somehow feel at ease. 

Someone said about them: “Hypnotizing and unique voice, bass that pulsate in veins like crazy blood, metallic riffs and skin breaking shots on drums” (Metaleyes webzine)  

All started from the brilliant mind of XV, one of a kind bassist. He is the creator of everything and the one who gave the name to the creature. Thanks to him, an ancient memory became a voice, the dusty skins were made shining again and the bones of skeleton guitars resonated. These are what DIMONRA are. What makes them unique? Well, actually there’s nothing like them and you will know from the very second you’ll try to sneak into their dimension. 

Right now DIMONRA are busy in the production of new music because people tasted 2 EPs with breath taking tracks and MVs… And they want more. 

Are you ready to sink too? Go to the music page and finally understand what’s all about. Then you can go meet them at some live venues in Milan. 

The problem with DIMONRA is to stop listening” (System Failure webzine)